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Welcome to Healthy Minds Canada’s (HMC) online mental health tool for parents. All content is based on the information found in our Families version of HMC’s When Something’s Wrong handbook series and supplemented with assessed suggestions from other parents.
At HMC, we repeatedly hear how overwhelmed parents feel when first caring for a child with behavioural and mental problems. Add to that the often overwhelming task of navigating Canada’s mental health system on behalf of their children and parents can feel lost, confused and frustrated.
Over the past three years, HMC has been working with parents, teachers, and other caregivers to adapt the content of our handbooks for this tool. Containing evidence-based information for parents with children suffering from mental illness, HMC paired behavioural characteristics with dynamic “decision-trees”, allowing parents interested in learning coping strategies to create their own Coping Strategy Tip Sheet.
In an effort to help ease the navigation of resources available to Canadian parents, this tool also provides suggested links. For additional resources, please visit HMC’s resource page.
Please note that this online resource is not a diagnostic tool. A professional diagnosis is essentialIf your child is in need of immediate medical attention please call 911 or visit this link to find a crisis centre near you.
One final word before you get started: This tool is driven and fed by you, the parent. Here are some things to remember as you use this tool:
• Please feel free to send resource suggestions to us. We’ll review them and make additions accordingly.
• Please send us links of local support networks on the ground. We are planning on developing a section of nationwide networks of “parents helping parents”.
• Please add your own coping tips and suggestions - it’s your tool!
• Please let us know what else you’d like to see here (For example, would you like to see more examples from doctors? Videos from other caregivers?)
OK - Let’s Begin!
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